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Ofsted URN - EY452048


Our most recent Ofsted inspection was on 7th of September 2017, when we were awarded with the grade of GOOD in all areas.


Our full inspection reported can be viewed here - 


or at -

Some of things the Ofsted Inspector said about our setting were - 


  • Children enter the pre-school eager to explore and play in the well organised setting , Children are happy, confident and inquisitive.


  • Staff work well together as a team, organising themselves to effectively encourage children in a range of activities.


  • Staff skilfully interact, extending children's ideas.


  • All children develop good skills for their future learning.


  • Children get a sense of feeling secure as staff readily greet everyone with smiles and conversation.


  • Children's behaviour is good, they show kindness towards one another, they are very polite, using please, thank you and excuse me at appropriate times.


  • All staff demonstrate a good understanding of safeguarding issues.


  • Security is given a high priority.


  • Resources are well labelled and presented in a way which allows children easy access.


  • The nursery works well with parents sharing children's achievements.


  • Parents state how supportive staff are.

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