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What our Parent and Carers say ...

My child absolutely loves pre school. She can't wait to go in and tell Melanie and Gemma what she has been up to. They are very helpful when I'm in need of a bit of extra childcare and do their best to fit her in. I would definitely recommend cornwood pre school. - Maxine 

Lovely friendly group in a beautiful location. alongside a lively village school. what's not to like! 😊 - Jude

We decided to send our daughter to pre-school when she was two years old. She had previously been cared for by a childminder but we wanted her to start interacting with kids her own age. We went to look at quite a few pre-schools and nurseries before settling on Cornwood. As soon as you went into the pre-school it was calm and welcoming and our daughter who can be shy when meeting new people was immediately made to feel at home. 

Throughout our daughters time at Cornwood she has been allowed to do things at her own pace and this has meant so much to us. By encouraging instead of forcing her she has slowly come out of her shell and now she is like a different child!

 I'm constantly amazed at how much she's learning at pre-school. Within less than a year it's incredible how confident she is with her numbers, colours and shapes. 

The school is very hands on and the children are often learning outside, visiting the chickens or observing the plants and wildlife. My daughter has recently enjoyed learning all about autumn and I was taken a back by how much she could tell me about the changes of the seasons. All in all I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cornwood to anyone looking to start their child at pre-school, it is the perfect setting to give them the foundations they need for starting primary school but all within a fun, relaxed environment. - Victoria 

I think Cornwood has really helped my child learn so much more than he already knows, he loves it at preschool and will come home and talk about what he has done in the day or he will talk about all of his friends that he plays with! He loves everyone who looks after him and loves bringing home all the different things he has made to show us all :) I like the fact parents get an email every week to let you know what their child will be learning, then I can talk to my child more about what he has done in his week at Pre-School. - Gemma 

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