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What our Parent and Carers say ...

"As a parent of seven children I can highly recommend Ivybridge pre -school as a great start to education with their warm friendly staff and fun way of learning I wouldn't send mine anywhere else" 😀 – Jacqui

"My second daughter goes to Ivybridge Pre-School after my first daughter went and had an amazing time with all the Aunties.

My second daughter has flourished with the Aunties as well she is not 2 and a half yet and she is already hitting age 3 government targets. We are very happy parents with the care, support and education our girls have received and are still receiving at Ivybridge Pre-School." - Laura

"My son has attended Ivybridge Pre-School for just over a year. The staff are friendly and I always get an honest evaluation of how he's getting on. We have found them to be very flexible when we have been stuck for childcare on days when my child doesn't usually attend, which has been godsend." - Amy


"My child loves pre-school and all her 'aunties' she runs into the room without looking back and enjoys all the activities she does there. The setting is friendly and appealing to children but also structured which has improved my childs ability to focus on one activity at a time for longer than a minute. I would and do recommend Ivybridge Pre-School to any parent for their children."  - Kathryn

"My son has been attending Ivybridge Pre-School for over a year and he absolutely loves it! The aunties have always gone an extra mile to make him feel settled and he has progressed dramatically with his development. They plan exciting and effective sessions that support, challenge and push children of all abilities to achieve but at the same time keeping the environment as close to a home setting as possible. It is a great learning environment, that has enabled my child to excel with his numbers and writing his own name, getting him ready for foundation next year. They also have a lot of visitors that my little boy loves to come home and tell me about, he now knows exactly who to ring and what to do in an emergency after the police came to visit. I am a primary school teacher myself and I wouldn't want my child to go anywhere else. Ivybridge Preschool has the perfect balance of learning and letting the children be kids, have fun and enjoy themselves." - Sarah 

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